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Add Panel

Add Panel

A Panel is a large drop-down menu that can display groups of navigation choices rather than a single list.


To create a panel go to Administration ->Apps -> Modules -> Mega Menus.


1. Select Panels. The following view will be presented:

Mega Menus panels screenshot v7

2. Click Add. The following view will be presented:

Mega Menus add panel screenshot v7

3. Edit/configure:


Enter an appropriate title for the Panel.


Enter an appropriate description for the Panel.


Check to make the Panel active. This enables the Panel to be viewed as part of the Mega Menu.


If required, click Choose to select an appropriate page. Selecting the title of the panel will redirect users to this location.

Cache content

Caching allows Easysite to present a cached or stored version of a page. Check if required. Caching the content of the panel is useful if the panel contains dynamic content such as feeds or lists.

Cache duration

If required enter an appropriate duration for the cache.

Vary cache by user

Check if required.

4. Click Save.


To add elements to the panel, select elements. The following view will be presented:

Mega menu add elements to panel screenshot v7

1. Drag and drop the appropriate element onto the panel.

2. Configure the element as required.

Note: for information on configuring elements see the element help articles.

3. Click Save and then Finished.