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Editing a Panel

Editing a Panel

Creating and managing Panels in order to display lists of pages in the Navigation Menu.

Creating a Panel

To create a Panel, go to Administration -> Apps -> Modules -> Navigation Menus. The following view will be presented:

manage navigation menus screenshot

1. Click on the name of the appropriate Navigation Menu. The following view will be presented:

Manage navigation menu

2.Click Edit Panels.The following view will be created:

gation menu panels

3. Click Create Navigation Menu Panel. The following view will be presented:

Edit panel details screenshot

3. Edit/configure:    

Panel Title    

Enter a label for the panel. This label is presented as the 'button' the end user clicks on to navigate to that section of the site.

Select Page    

Click Choose to select a target location for the panel title. Selecting page also lists all children of the selected page in the Panel.

Category Filter    

If required, select a page category in order to restrict the list of child pages to those in the selected category.

Hide Children    

If required, check to prevent child pages being displayed in the Panel. The Panel will then render only as a button, with no dropdown list of pages.

4. Click Save Panel Details.