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Managing NHS Choices

Managing NHS Choices

To configure the NHS Choices module, go to Administration -> Apps -> Modules -> NHS Choices. The following view will be presented:
NHS Choices data sources screenshot

Data Sources

Check to make the required Data Source(s) available for display on a page. 


To configure the NHS Choices Module, select Configure. The following view will be presented:

NHS Choices configuration screenshot

2. Edit/Configure:

Syndication URL

Enter the syndication URL. This URL will provided upon successful registration for NHS Choices content.


Enter your organisations unique API Key to access the NHS Choices Syndicated Content Web Service.

This unique API Key is requested directly from NHS Choices and cannot be provided on your behalf. Your organisation will be required to register before being provided with a unique API Key to enter within the module configuration.

Registering for a unique NHS Choices API Key 

Accreditation logo

Select Browse to select an appropriate logo from the asset manager. This logo is presented on the page as part of the module.

Show Maps with

From the dropdown list select an appropriate mapping provider.

3. Click Save.

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