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Managing Path Manager

Managing Path Manager

Creating individual redirects using the Path Manager module.

Creating Paths

To create a redirect path go to Administration -> Apps -> Modules -> Path Manager. The following view will be presented:

Path Manager mange paths screenshot

1. Click add. The following view will be presented:

Path manager add path screenshot

2. Select the appropriate option:

  • ShortcutAdding Shortcut or Vanity URL to the Path Manager module.
  • Legacy URLA Legacy URL is used to redirect from URLs in a previous iteration of the site to a location in the new site. For example to redirect from http://resources.easysitecms.net/new-content-awaiting-publication/modules/path-manager/managing-path-manager/legacy-url.aspx to http://resources.easysitecms.net/new-content-awaiting-publication/modules/path-manager/managing-path-manager/legacy-url/