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Adding the Petition Module to a Page

Adding the Petition Module to a Page

Petitions Element

1.  Drag and drop the Petitions module element onto the page or template:

Petitions Module Icon v7

2. Configure the element. The following view will be presented:

Petitions module element configuration

3.  Edit/configure:

“Petitions” Label            

Enter a group heading for all the petitions that users will be able to see on the web page.

“My Petitions” Label                       

Enter a group heading for all the petitions that have been created or are awaiting moderation. Only the user that created these petitions can see this list when logged in.

‘Subject of the Petition’ label                      

Enter an appropriate label.

Target petition at department or individual    

Check if required.

Department or individual is required              

Check if required.

Department or individual label                   

Enter an appropriate label.

Allow petition author to send email invites     

If required, check to allow the Petition author to create a list of email addresses. An invitation email will be sent to these addresses.

Invitation Label                                        

Enter an appropriate label.

Help Text                                              

Enter an appropriate label. This help text appears alongside the field where the petitioner is able to add email addresses of invitees.

Required information                                 

Select the appropriate option.

Telephone number                                     

Select the appropriate option.

Use CAPTCHA                                       

Check if required

Note: CAPTCHA requires the user to enter the characters on the screen prior to signing the petition.

Allow public to view signatures                  

Check if required.

Require validation of signature via email     

Check if required. Note: Administrators may configure the number of days the user has to validate their signature via email.

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