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Configuring the Petition Module

Configuring the Petition Module

Configure timescales for Petition availability and messages which are generated during the life cycle of a petition.

General Configuration

To manage the general configuration of the Petitions Module go to Administration -> Apps -> Modules -> Petitions.

1. Select Configure Petition Module.The following view will be presented:

Petitions Module Configuring The Module Screenshot v7

3.  Edit/configure: 

Public Petitions URL  

Click Choose the select the page where the petitions will be located. Users receiving an invite to the Petition will be linked to this page.

Archive Period             

The number of days the petition will be available for the author to download results from, after the closing date.

Rejection Period              

The number of days the petition will be retained after being declined, before being automatically deleted.

Longest Period              

The longest number of days into the future that a closing date can be.

Signature Activation Email Validity

The number of days that a signatory has to activate their signature via the activation email. This cannot be set to a greater number of days than the petition can be open for.

Send HTML                  

Tick this checkbox if you wish for the email that is sent to recipients to be in a HTML format.


Enter text that will appear in the header of the email.


Enter text that will appear in the footer of the email.

Email message configuration

Create appropriate content for the notification emails, which are generated as part of the Petitions module.

4. Click Save.

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