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Creating a Petition

Creating a Petition

Note only authenticated users may created Petitions.

Add Petition

A registered user visiting the petitions page will be presented with the following option:

Create Petition button

1.  The public user selects Add Petition. The following view will be presented:  

Petitions Module Petition Details Configuration Screenshot v7

3.  Enter, or amend, the form fields:   

Title of your petition        

Enter a title for the petition.

Please enter the person or organisation you are petitioning       

Enter a name.

Please enter a short statement…                           

Enter a statement describing the petition.

Please state what you would like to happen                 

State a desired outcome.

Closing Date                                                                                         

Enter a date for when the petition will close.

Please add the e-mail addresses of the people you would like to sign this petition.     

Any user with access to page may sign the petition. However, the creator can invite individual users via email. Enter the email address(es) for the recipients – they will receive an email stating that a new petition has been created.

4.  Click Submit. The following view will be presented:

Petitions Module My Petitions Screenshot

Note: The petition will not become visible on the web page until an administrator approves the petition. However, if logged in as an administrator – the petition will be displayed in the petition list with the comment ‘submitted’ under the Status column.

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