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Configuring Policies

General configuration of the Policies module, including users associated with roles and on screen messages.


To configure Policies go to Administration > Apps > Modules > Policies.


1. Click Configuration. The following view will be presented:

Policies module configuration screenshot
2. Configure the following options:
  • Configure General OptionsBasic configuration of the Policies module, including time periods, email templates and the disabling of any steps in the Policy ratification process.
  • Configure LegislationInformation on the Legislation driving Policies can be generic or added on a per policy basis. If required add generic information.
  • Configure Ratification GroupsDefine a list of groups with the authority to ratify a policy.
  • Configure Accountable DirectorsDefine a list of users with the authority to act as an accountable director, and be legally responsible for the Policy.
  • Configure Policy ApproversDefine a list of users with the authority to approve a policy.
  • Management Report Email RecipientsDefine a list of users who may receive weekly management reports, detailing Policy acceptance levels.
  • Configure Policy CategoriesIf required, create a list of categories which may be used to filter lists of Policies when displayed on a page.
  • Configure User MessagesIf required, create a series of labels which are displayed on screen at the during the creation and approval of a policy.
  • Configure Preamble FormThe Preamble form acts as a cover sheet, and is presented when a Policy is viewed by an end user. If required, add fields to the preamble form.
  • Configure Director Approval OptionsThe Director Approval options is an extra field which his presented to the Accountable Director accepting the Policy. If required create a label for the Director Approval option.


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