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Creating a New Poll

Create a New Poll

Creating a poll in order to gain information on site visitors' opinions.

Creating a Poll

To create a new poll go to Administration -> Apps -> Module -> Polling. Select Create a new Poll. The following view will be presented:

New poll screenshot

2. Edit/Configure:   

Poll Name    

Enter a name for the poll. This name is used for internal reference.

Poll Description   

Enter an appropriate description for the poll. This descriptions may be exposed to end users.


Enter the poll question.

3. Click Save Poll. The following view will be presented: 

Edit Poll Answers screenshot v7


Add an appropriate answer.      

Default Answer?    

Check if required. Note:If this element is checked the answer is displayed by default.  

4. Click Save Answer, and repeat as required. If required reorder the answers using the up and down options. 

5. Select Complete, and then Save Poll.

Editing a Poll

To edit an existing poll go to Administration -> Apps -> Modules -> Polling.

1. Select the appropriate Poll. The following view will be presented:

Polling edit poll screenshot v7

             2. Select Edit Poll Details or Edit Poll Answers as required.

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