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Adding Search Framework to a Page

Adding Search Framework to a Page

Configuring the Search Framework View page element.

Search Framework View element

Drag and drop the search framework view element onto the page or template:

Search framework view element icon

1. Configure the element. The following view will be presented:

Search framework view element configuration v7

2. Edit/configure:

Show search form on results view

If required, check to display search options with the search results, enabling the end user to easily search again.

Default search scope

Select the appropriate option.

Tip icon

Click Browse to select an appropriate asset.


Enter appropriate helper text.

Information types

Information types are presented as a dropdown list which the end user may use to filter their search. To add an Information type, click Add information type, create an alias and associate categories to create a 'topic' end user may search within.

Links open in new window

Check if required.

Highlight Search Terms

Check if required.

Note: this option highlights individual search words within the search results.

Pagination position

Select the appropriate option.

Default sort by

Select the appropriate option.

No Results Found Message

Enter an appropriate message.

Enable visitor reporting

Check if required.

Report button label

Enter an appropriate label.

Report introduction

Enter appropriate text.

Feedback label

Enter an appropriate label.

Enable report confirmation message

The element may be configured to allow end users to report problems with the search. Check if required and enter an appropriate message.