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Manage Vacancies

Manage Vacancies

Add New Entry

To add a new vacancy go to Administration -> Apps -> Modules -> Vacancies. The following view will be presented:

Vacancy module user guide manage vacancies screenshot v7

1. Select the appropriate vacancy list. The following options will be presented:

Vacancy module user guide example screenshot v7

2. Click Manage Vacancies and the following view will be presented:

Vacancy module user guide populate vacancy screenshot v7

3. Click Add New Entry. The following will be presented:

Vacancy module user guide edit vacancy contents screenshot v7

4. Edit/configure:


Categories may be used to filter lists of vacancies when displayed on a page. Select the appropriate category or categories for the vacancy.

Note: hold the shift key to multi-select categories.

Reference No     

Enter an appropriate reference number for the vacancy.

Vacancy Title   

Enter the vacancy title.


Select the appropriate option.

Duration Type      

Select the appropriate option.


Enter the salary for the vacancy.


Enter a geographical location for the vacancy.


Enter the number of hours the vacancy entails.

Closing Date          

Select a date for the vacancy to close.

Closing Date Information

If required, add additional information such as closing time,


Enter a brief description of the vacancy.


Enter an appropriate contact telephone number.

Email Address  

Enter an appropriate contact email address.

Job Description        

Click Launch Asset Browser to attach a job description document to the vacancy.

Personal Specification      

Click Launch Asset Browser to attach a personal specification document (e.g. PDF or Word doc).

Application Form    

Click Launch Asset Browser to attach a company application form document (e.g. PDF or Word doc).


5.Select Save and Add Another to save the current vacancy and add additional vacancies. Repeat as required. Once all the relevant vacancies have been added select Save, and then Back to Options List.

Editing a vacancy

To edit an existing vacancy go to  Administration -> Apps -> Modules -> Vacancies.

1. Select the appropriate vacancy list.

2. Select the Edit link for the appropriate vacancy, and edit the details as above.

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