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Manage Vacancy Categories

Manage Vacancy Categories


Categories can be used to filter vacancies into related lists, for example location, job grade or pay scale.

Manage categories

To associate categories with the vacancy list select Manage Categories. The following view will be presented:

Vacancy module user guide define vacancy screenshot v7

1. Click to select a category from the System Categories list, the category name will now be displayed in bold to show that it has been selected. Click Add Categories to add the category with the vacancy list.

Note: you can only add one category at a time to the Vacancy Categories list, i.e. you cannot add a category and its children

Note: all categories in the Vacancy Categories list are children of the Top Level category, i.e. you cannot create a category structure within the Vacancy Categories list.

Note: you may need to expand the Vacancy Categories list by clicking the + symbol next to Top Level.

2. Once the appropriate categories have been associated with the vacancy list click Finish.

Deleting a Vacancy Category

1. Click on the category name in the Vacancy Categories list, the category name will now be displayed in bold to show that it has been selected. Click Remove Category to delete the category from the Vacancy Categories.

You will be prompted to confirm the removal of the category:

Deleting Vacancy Categories Screenshot

2. Click Delete Category to complete the deletion of the listed category or click Cancel to leave the category in the Vacancy Categories list.

Note: you cannot remove the Top Level category from the Vacancy Categories list

Reordering Vacancy Categories

The Vacancy Categories list is used when adding vacancies and when adding the vacancy element to a page. If you want to change the order in which the categories are displayed, e.g. to put the most common categories at the top of the list.

1. Click Reorder Categories to display the following:

Reorder Vacancy Categories Screenshot

2. Drag and drop the categories into the required position in the list and then click Save Category Order.

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