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Manage assets

To manage Assets got to Administration -> Assets. The following option will be presented:

Manage assets screenshot

To search for an existing asset enter a keyword. If required, add additional filters to the search via the Find tab.

Asset restriction

The restriction status is indicated by a padlock:

An unlocked padlock indicates that the asset is in a category which the Everyone group has read permission.

A locked padlock indicates that the category does not have the Everyone group read permission.


A traffic light system is used to indicate asset status: 

Asset status screenshot

There are three statuses:

  • Author status
  • Live status
  • Review status

Status descriptions

Key  Author Status  Live Status  Review Status 
 Grey (Null)     Unpublished  No review
 Green     Live  Live
 Amber  In Workflow   Inactive  Pending review
 Red   In Draft   Archived  Escalated



The following options are available to System Users:

  • CategoriesAsset categories control access to individual assets. Categories are also used to store and aggregate assets via a page element such as User Gallery or Asset Browser.
  • SetupGeneral configuration of the Asset Manager.
  • TypesConfiguring default categories for newly uploaded assets in addition managing maximum file sizes and avatars for asset extensions.
  • Image SizesCreating and managing Image Sizes.
  • LocksManaging assets locks.

Adding and Editing Assets

Select the required option: