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Asset categories control access to individual assets. The are also used to store and aggregate assets via a page element such as the Asset Browser.

Asset categories

To manage Asset Categories go to Administration -> Content -> Assets -> Options.

1. Select Categories. The following view will be presented::

Asset categories interface

2. Categories will typically be initially created as System Categories.  Click to select the appropriate System Category and drag and drop to the required location in the Asset Categories list.

Note: if the Quick Add for Categories group privilege has been allocated, Administrators may also create Asset Categories in the main Assets interface:

Asset category quick add

Select an appropriate parent category, and enter the new category name. The new category will write back to System Categories.

Note: the new category can not be created at top level via this interface.

Managing Asset Categories

Once the required Asset Categories have been created the Asset Categories list may be managed in two ways:

1.To reorder or relocate categories drag and drop the category to the required location. for example:

Relocate asset category

2. To Delete, Reorder or Reverse the order of a category branch, right click:

Delete asset category screenshot


Properties allows the Administrator to apply access rights - via Permissions - Workflow, Scheduling rules and Metadata to Asset Categories:

  • PropertiesManaging the properties of an asset category.