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Asset manager configuration

Configure the following options:

Asset manager setup binary upload screenshot

Allow Drag and Drop Uploading

Easysite 7 pages allow drag and drop uploading off assets by default. If required, check to allow Drag and Drop Uploading in the Asset Manager Administration interface.

Drag and Drop Hotspot Text

Enter an label for the Drag and Drop area of the asset manager.

Expiry Notification Period

Enter the number of days before an asset expires that the owner will be notified.

Asset Link Validation Report Frequency

Easysite can validate code or script assets and external link assets and report on any invalid assets. If required, set the frequency of this report.

Validation Report Recipient Address

Enter an appropriate address for the validation report.

Asset manager flash player screenshot

Target Flash Player

Select the required version of Flash Player.

FLV Control Background Colour

If required, customise the colour of any videos by entering an appropriate reference.

FLV Control Text Colour

Enter an appropriate reference.

Asset Shortcuts

Asset shortcuts allow the System User to associate a friendly URL with an asset. If required enter a prefix for all shortcuts, for example /assets/.

Owner Display Format

An Asset Owner can be associated with an asset via the tags interface: 

Asset owner screenshot

Select how the name is presented.

Owner is mandatory

Check if required.

Allow Add Category In Asset Manager Category Tree

If required, check to allow new Asset Categories to created via the Asset interface:

Quick add for categories screenshot

Only Enforce Categorisation in Front End

If required, check to allow Assets to be added the Asset Manager without being categorised.

Enforce Asset Categorisation within Specific Branches

If required, select Asset category branches which must be selected before an asset can be uploaded.

Asset managers asset sorting options screenshot

Use Date Modified Rather Than Date Created

By default Assets a listed by date added to the Asset Manager, with newest first. If required check to display assets by date modified.

Enable Related Assets

Enabled assets can be exposed via an aggregated element such as Asset Browser. Check to enable the option to associated related assets: 

Assets related assets screenshot

When uploading an  Asset enter the Asset ID of the related Asset.

Vignette Size

Vignettes are created using the manipulation feature. A Vignette is a cut out section of an Asset which, when clicked on, presents the full Asset. 

Auto-launch Manipulation

If required check to automatically launch the manipulation function when an author uploads an asset.

Allowed URL Override Domains

Enter appropriate URL(s) to create a Whitelist of allowed streaming media sources. This prevents the injection of alternate streamed media via URL spoofing.

User gallery site defaults

Default Site Gallery

if User Gallery is in use, select a default start category. When a User creates a Gallery a child category is created under the default category.

Enable Inline Right Click disabling

If required, select to prevent users right clicking and copying images. Individual assets may then be set to disallow right clicking.

Blocked Asset Alert

Enter a message to be displayed if a user attempts to right click a disallowed image.

Launch Page Attachments Inline

Check if required.

Enforce Restriction

Check if required.

Show Premium Assets

Check if required.

Workflow asset digest screenshot

Send Approval Emails

If Public Users are permitted to upload Assets via the User Gallery view of Asset Browser, an approval process may be implemented. If required, check to enable confirming that the Asset has been uploaded and add a subject line and message body.

Attach Approved Binary Asset

If required, check to attachment a copy of the moderated asset to the email.

Rejection Emails

If required check to allow the creation of emails advising the Public User that the email has been rejected.

Attach Rejected Binary Asset

If required, check to attachment a copy of the moderated asset to the email.

Workflow asset digest screenshot

Send Nightly Digest to Asset Administrators

If required, check to send a nightly digest email detailing all Assets requiring moderation to System Users with the Asset Administrator privilege. Define a subject line and body text for the email and, if required, select which asset to attach to the email.

Asset import screenshot

Enable Import Job

Assets may be bulk imported. If required check to enable this function.

Import Files on Local Server

Check if appropriate.

Fttp Address/Local Filepath

Enter the location of the assets to be imported.


Enter the UserName required to allow ftp/server access.


Enter the Password required to allow ftp/server access.

Passive Transfer 

In passive mode FTP the client initiates both connections to the server, solving the problem of firewalls filtering the incoming data port connection to the client from the server. Check if required.

Remove Assets Missing From Import Location

If required, check to remove assets from the Asset Manager which do bot exist in the import location.

Enable PDF Conversion.

Check if required.

Note: the PDF Converter Module must be installed.

Job is to run once daily

Enter an appropriate time.

Select Head Category

Select an appropriate parent category for the imported assets. 

Retention screen shot


If required check to enable Retention - applying a minimum time before an Asset may be deleted. 

Note: a Retention Policy will be required to determine how long assets will be retained for.


Select the Asset types to be retained.

Default Notification Period

Enter the number of days before a review date that the author receives notification of the pending review.

Asset Review Message

Enter a message prompting authors to add review dates to assets.

Mandatory Review Date

Enter an appropriate date.

Set Default Review Schedule

A Review Schedule is a full review process for assets, including an escalation procedure. Select the appropriate default review schedule.

Enable Review Schedule Lifecycle Settings

Check if required...

Override Review Schedule

If required, check to allow authors to bypass the Review Schedule for an asset.

Archive message screenshot

Archived Asset Message

Create a message to be displayed when a user attempts to access an archived asset.

Comment Moderator/s

System Users may add comments to an Asset in the Asset Manager. If required select appropriate moderators for comments.

Note: to add or moderate a comment go to Administration -> Content -> Assets -> Select an Asset -> Feedback -> Comments.

Default zoom settings screenshot

Default enlarge image size

Select the required display size.

Make image zoom by default

Check if required.

Make lightbox the default zoom method

Check if required.

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