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Asset Types

Default categories can be set so that newly uploaded assets are automatically categorised.


To configure Asset Types go to Administration -> Content -> Assets -> Options -> Types. The following view will be presented:

Asset types screenshots

Asset Types

From the list at the right of the screen select the asset type, this will prepopulate the list of extensions.

1. If required Add additional Extensions.

2. Click Choose to select an asset category, and click Save and Finished. All assets of the selected type will automatically added to this category.


Extensions allow Administrators to manage all aspects of file extensions such as Avatars and maximum file sizes. To manage Extension go to Administration -> Content -> Assets -> Options -> Types.

1. Select Extensions. The following view will be presented: 

Asset extensions screenshot

2. Select the required extension type or click Add to add a new extension.


Avatars are presented when an Asset is displayed on a page, either via the Attachment place holder or by an aggregated element such as User Gallery. Each existing Extension has a default Avatar. Alternatively, Browse to select an alternative Avatar.


Select whether or not to allow Assets of this type to be uploaded to the Asset Manager.

Warning Size Limit

Select a size which will trigger a warning to an Author that the Asset may not be uploaded due to size restrictions.

Rejection Size Limit

Select a maximum allowable size for Assets of the Extension type. Note: a message will be presented to the Author advising that the Asset is too large to be uploaded.

Click Save and then Finished.