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Installing the Easysite Desktop Uploader

Installing the Easysite Desktop Uploader

The Easysite desktop uploader allows for bulk uploading of assets and can be installed by following the steps outlined in this article.

The Easysite Desktop Uploader development utilises Microsoft functionality know as ClickOnce. Unfortunately, this technology is not currently supported by Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox without the installation of an additional plugin application.

Note: A number of plugins can be found across the internet in order to install this functionality within unsupported browsers although we would recommend simply using Internet Explorer as the simple solution.

The following steps will allow installation of the Easysite Desktop Uploader against a supported browser:

          1. Login to your chosen microsite. For example http://resources.easysitecms.net

          2. Add the following path to the end of the chosen domain and press Return:


For example: http://resources.easysitecms.net/EasySiteWeb/DesktopIntegration/DesktopUploader.application

If you don't see the dialog below when attempting to install the application, please download the application using Internet Explorer.

Note: that the Easysite Desktop Uploader can only be used against a single Easysite powered microsite at any one time.

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Easysite Desktop Uploader Installer
          3. Once an installation displays, access Install and the desktop uploader will quickly run through the installation process then prompt to
          confirm that the Easysite 
Desktop Uploader is now ready for use.

You should now have successfully installed the Easysite Desktop Uploader and should be ready to begin transferring files from Windows Explorer directly to the Easysite Asset Manager.

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Easysite Desktop Uploader - Login