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External RSS Feed

External RSS Feed


To create an RSS feed go to Administration -> Content -> Feeds -> Add.

1. Select Data Source External RSS Feed. The following view will be presented:

External rss feed screenshot

2. Edit/configure:


Enter an appropriate title for the feed.


Enter an appropriate title for the feed.

Publish RSS

If required, check to allow subscription to the RSS feed.

Published URL

If the RSS feed is to be published, created an appropriate URL for the feed.

Note: the URL must always end in .rss or .xml.


Easysite will allocate a sequential numerical identifier for the feed.

External Feed URL

Past the appropriate feed URL.


External RSS feeds do not currently require filters


Categories may be used to group feeds together in order to generate shorter lists of related feeds. Check to select the appropriate categories.

3. Click Save and return to RSS feeds.