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Page Manager

Page Manager

Page Manager allows Administrators to view, add and delete pages via the Administration interface.


To access the Page Manager go to Administration -> Content -> Pages. The following view will be presented:

Page Manager screenshot


To Add an new page to the site click to select an appropriate parent page from Find -> Pages, and click Add. The Administrator will be redirected to the selected location and may create a new page as standard. 


Select the required View:

Page manager view icon

Note: Grid view presents a tabular view of pages, whilst List View generates a list.


  • SetupConfigure basic page setup including Doctype, error and 400 pages, accessibility, SEO and security options.
  • DeletedView and restore deleted pages.
  • LocksA page becomes locked to other authors once edit is selected. Page locks can be removed, however. Note that the page is unlocked to its last saved state.
  • CachingA cache is a component that transparently stores data so that future requests for that data can be served faster. Caching may be implemented on a page by page basis.