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Search Items

Search Items

Search Items

To configure search items go to Administration -> Content -> Search.

1. Click Search Items. The following view will be presented:

Search settings screenshot

2. Edit/configure:

Max. results per section

Search results are grouped by type, for example Pages matching a search term followed by Assets. Enter an initial number of results to display. A link will be presented allowing users to view further matches.

Max. summary length

Enter the number of characters to be displayed in the summary of an item in the Search Results.

Search type

Select the appropriate option:


This search will look for your exact search term For example, search for 'search' and you will find items containing the term 'search'.


This search will look for words that are a variation on the term you are looking for. For example, searching for 'search' and will return any matches containing searching, searches, etc.

Note: the inflectional search will only search for recognised variations of a word. Spelling mistakes will not be recognised in this way. 

Search Mode

Select the appropriate option:

OR with exact phrase

Would return any items containing 'Search', or ' 'term' or 'Search term'.


Would return any items containing 'Search' or 'term'.


Would return any items containing 'Search' and 'term'.

Exact Phrase

Would return any items containing 'Search term'

Auto enable new items

Check if required.

Note: this option automatically includes new items - such as instances of a new module - in the search results.

Search Rank Weighting

Search Rank Weightings are used to rank search results, based where the search term appears. Check to enable the required fields and add a numerical weighting. Any numbering convention may be used, and the rankings are proportional. For example, if H1 tag is given a weighting of 5 and Content a weighting of 1, the content of the H1 tag is regarded as five times more important than the content of the page. 

Featured Item Ranking Factor

Pages and Directory entries may be marked as Featured Items. Featured Items are displayed first on the search results page. If required, select the amount to multiply the Search Rank Weightings given to Featured Items.

Search Items

Search items are the object types included in the search cache. For an item to be searchable it must be checked as a search item.

3. Click to select an item type. The following view will be presented:

Search item result column screenshot

Check to select items to be displayed for a record in the search results. Note: at least one item must be selected, otherwise no data will be presented for that Search Item in the search results for the site.

Note: Attachments searches inline and attached assets on pages. Assets makes a Permissions based search of the asset manager.

4. Click Save Settings.

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