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Category Navigator

Category Navigator

The Category Navigation template element displays a list of categories, together with the number of pages in each category. Selecting a category presents a list of corresponding pages.

Category Navigation Settings

To set Category Navigation Settings go to Administration -> Content -> Categories & Tags -> Categories.

1. From the Options list select Category Navigator. The following view will be presented:

Category navigation settings

2. Edit/configure:

Render Heading as Link

If enabled, this option will decorate the heading tag in the element with an anchor. The href attribute of the anchor will point at the “root” URL (i.e. the original URL of the page on which the element resides) with the root category ID passed on the querystring. This effectively acts as a “go back to the start” button.

Show Root Category in Breadcrumb Trail

If required, check to include the root category in the category breadcrumb trail.

Suppress Page Content On Change Category 

If selected this option “suppresses” page content except for the navigator control i.e. all other page elements in the page will not render. Only when the current page is NOT categorised with the current requested category will content be suppressed.

Please select a category

Select an appropriate starting category for the Category Navigation element.

Display preference for categories with no children and/or associated pages

if required select to either hide or disable categories with no pages associated, in order to prevent end users selecting these categories.