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To add an new Device to the Studio, go to Administration -> Design -> Devices.

Edit Device

1. Select Add. The following view will be presented:

Add new device screenshot

1. Edit/configure:


Select the appropriate type for the Device being added.


Enter the name of the Device.


Check to add the Device to the list of devices within the Studio.

Width/ Height

Enter appropriate dimensions for the device screen.

Note that the dimension should be entered as CSS pixels, rather the actual pixel width of the screen. A number of online resources contain information on the CSS pixels of appropriate devices.

Screen Offset

If a Device Image is uploaded the Screen offset is used to add padding to the iframe to ensure that the device screen sits correctly within the image.

Allow Device Orientation

Check if required.


if required, click Choose File to select an image of the Device. The page content is presented in an iframe which sits on top of the device image.

2. Select Save.