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A Template is used to define the layout of one or more web pages. The Template controls the position of each editable part of the page, as well as the position and configuration of any interactive modules such as Blogs, Forms or Events. Changes to Templates may be cascaded to existing pages.

Manage templates

To create or manage a template go to Administration -> Design -> Templates:

Templates Top Level v7
  • AddCreating a template, setting rules and adding elements to the template.
  • UploadIf a Template has been Downloaded and exported as a XML file, it may be uploaded into the installation.
  • ReconcileAssociate groups of orphaned pages with a selected template.
  • CategoriesTemplate categories are used to make templates available to authors. Multiple categories may be used to sort Templates into manageable lists. In addition, permissions may be used to limit access to a Template Category.
  • OptionsConfiguring Template Category Options.
  • Manage Existing TemplatesEdit, copy, download and upload existing templates.