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The Integrated Drag & Drop Content Layout Template Builder allows you to define the layout of any type of content. By simply dragging & dropping the types of content you want onto a template you can create your own blueprints for other authors to use when creating their content.

Creating and Managing Templates

To create a template go to Administration -> Design -> Templates.

1. Click Create New Template. The following view will be presented:

Template general interface
  • GeneralDefine basic information about a template, such as creating the Title and adding an Avatar.
  • LayoutLayout allows the Administrator to Drag and Drop the required content elements onto a Template to define the layout of pages created using the Template.
  • ActivityView a list of pages using a selected Template.
  • CategoriesThe Categories tab allows one or more categories to be associated with a Template. As a result pages created using the template will automatically have the selected categories associated.
  • AuditView an audit trail of changes to a Template.
  • SchedulingApplying scheduling rules to a template. Scheduling is applied via Offsets - I.E. the number of days from publication of a page.
  • RulesTemplate rules allow an administrator to define a section of the site within which a Template may be used.
  • ThemeTheme allows an administrator to assign a default Theme to a Template. pages created using this template will inherit the selected Theme.