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Define basic information about a Template, such as creating the Title and adding an Avatar.

General Tab

1 Click on the General Tab The following view will be presented:

General Tab v7

2. Edit/configure:


Insert an appropriate template title. The title may be viewed by Administrators when managing Templates, and also by Authors when selecting a Template for a new page.


Insert an appropriate template description. This description is exposed to Authors when selecting a Template for a new page. It is recommended that the Description is either functional - for example, "To be used for news articles and press releases" - or should describe what an author can do with a Template - for example, "Two asset placeholders and forms element".

Lock Layout

By default, an Author can change the layout of an individual page by dragging and dropping elements via the Structure interface. However, this orphans the page from the Template, and therefore future changes to the Template may not be cascaded to the page. To prevent Authors orphaning pages in this way select Lock Layout. If a Template is locked it is not possible to add additional elements at a page level.


The Avatar is an image associated with the Template, which is displayed when an Author selects from the list of Templates when creating a new page. The Avatar could, for example be a small wireframe showing how the page might look when populated. Note that images must be resized prior to use as an avatar.

Change Icon

If required, select Upload Image to add a new Avatar to the Template.

Share across sites

If required, select Share Across Sites to make the Template available for use on other sites in the installation. Note that pages may be created on other sites using the template. However, the Template may only managed and edited on the site where it was initially created.