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Layout allows the Administrator to Drag and Drop the required content elements onto a Template to define the layout of pages created using the Template.


To define the Layout of a Template go to Administration -> Design -> Templates.

1. Select the required Template and select Layout. The following view will be presented:

Element side bar v7

2. Drag and Drop the required elements onto the Template. Note that each Configuration setting of each element will present the following options:

Cascade and lock v7

3. If required, check to allow the setting to be cascaded to all pages utilising the Template. For further information about cascading please see the Manage Existing Templates section

If required, click on the Padlock if you wish the option to be locked so that content within it cannot be changed on pages using this template.

Elements are have been grouped into related types:

  • ContentContent elements allow an Author to add written content and Assets to a page, in addition to creating lists of Pages and Assets.
  • LayoutLayout elements allow a System User to define the general layout and positioning elements on a template.
  • ModulesConfiguring Modules page elements
  • PluginsConfiguring Plugins page elements
  • PeopleUser Tools elements allow a System User to add registration, login and account elements to an Easysite page.
  • LegacyLegacy elements allow a System User to manage Legacy functionality.
  • Secured ContainerConfiguring and implementing the Secured Container element.