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Content elements allow an Author to add written content and Assets to a page, in addition to creating lists of Pages and Assets. The following elements are available:

  • AssetThe Asset element is used to display images and other multimedia content to website users.The Easysite integrated multimedia player used to display the specific content will differ based on the multimedia file type in use.
  • Asset Basket element ES7 Asset BasketThis element works with Asset Browser and allows the user to download multiple assets from the site in a zip file.
  • Asset Browser Icon ES7 Asset BrowserThe Asset Browser allows an Author to present a list of related assets on a page. These Assets may be displayed in either a List or Gallery format.
  • Attached Asset icon AttachmentThe Attachment element allows an Author to attach assets to an Easysite page. These Assets are typically documents, which the end user clicks to open and view.
  • Category A to Z View element icon Category A to Z ViewThe Category A to Z element adds an A to Z function to the page. Selecting a letter will expose a corresponding list of categories. Where a page is associated with a category with be referenced with a link to view the page.
  • Category explorer element icon Category ExplorerThe Category Explorer element adds list of categories to the page. Selecting a category will display a list of corresponding pages. If there is only a single page in the category the user will be redirected to that page.
  • Category navigation element icon Category NavigationCategory Navigation displays a list of categories, together with the number of pages in each category. Selecting a category presents a list of corresponding pages.
  • Content editor icon Content EditorThe Content Editor element allows System Users to add rich text to an Easysite page.
  • Geo postcode lookup element icon Geo Postcode LookupThe Geo Postcode Lookup allows an end user to search their location. This information will persist for the session and may then be used by other elements to return related content.
  • Heading element icon v7 HeadingThe Heading element allows an Author to add a heading to an Easysite page and applies a H1 - or Header 1 tag to this heading.
  • Link List Viewer Link List ViewerThe Link List Viewer element can be used to display a Link List which has been created via the Link Manager module.
  • Lister element icon ListerThis element can be used to display a list of articles on an Easysite page. This list may created from an RSS Feed or manually configured.
  • Most Popular Categories v7 Most Popular CategoriesMost Popular Categories allows system users to display a list of pages in the most popular categories on the site.
  • NavigatorThe Page Navigation element presents a hierarchy of categories which the user may navigate through. Once the bottom level of the navigation is reached the users redirected to a page containing a relevant directory, and query string returns records matching the selected category.
  • ProMotion module user guide icon screenshot v7 ProMotionThis element can be used to automate rolling headlines, displaying the title, summary information and images from a page. The end user may then click through to view the page.
  • Properties element icon PropertiesThe Properties element allows an author to expose information about a page, such as publication date or category.
  • Quickfinder element v7 QuickFinderThe QuickFinder element allows an Author to create a drop down list of articles from a specified RSS feed.
  • RedirectionThe Redirection element allows an end user to be automatically redirected to either an internal or external URL.
  • RSS LinkThe RSS Link element presents a link to a published RSS feed. Following the link takes the user to an RSS feed page containing subscription options.
  • SearchThe Search element allows System users to configure the search results page, as well as adding additional search functionality - such as Search this section - to the site.
  • Site MapThe Site Map element adds a site map to a page.
  • User Gallery v7 User GalleryThe User Gallery element is used to display a gallery of images or selection documents. If required, end users may be allowed to add Assets to the Gallery.