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Asset Basket

Asset Basket

This element works with Asset Browser and allows the user to download multiple assets from the site in a zip file. An example of Asset Basket in use could be:

Asset basket example screenshot

Note: an administrator may configure a maximum file size for the Basket.

Asset Basket element


1. Drag and drop the Asset Basket element onto the page or template:    

Asset Basket element ES7

2. Configure the element. The following view will be presented::

Asset Basket Configuration ES7

3. Edit/configure:


Selecting this check box adds the Asset Basket feature to the page. Note that the Asset Browser configuration 'Use Asset Basket' also needs to be enabled.

Show Basket Contents By Default

If selected assets added to the basket will be displayed on the page. Otherwise an Open Asset Basket button will be presented.

Open Asset Basket Text

Enter an appropriate label for the open button. 

Close Asset Basket Text

Enter an appropriate label for the close button.

Open/Close Asset Basket Icon

Add an appropriate icon. Click Browse to select an Asset from the Asset Manager to use as a button, alternatively, click Upload to select an Asset to add to the Asset Manager to use as a button.

Assets per page

The list of added assets can be paginated. Enter the number of assets to be list on each page.

Use Lightbox

Check if required.