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The Default render method presents a list of Assets, together with details of the Asset and a Download option. An example of the Default render method would be:

Asset browser default render method example screenshot es7

1. Drag and drop the Asset Browser element onto the page or template.

2. Configure the element and select the Default render method. The following view will be presented:

Asset Browser default 1 to Hide results es7

3. Edit/configure:

Asset Type

Choose either Files/Images or Links

Display Type

Select the appropriate option.

Note that if Browse assets from selected category is selected click Change to select an appropriate category. Alternatively, if Filter on multiple categories is selected use the category filter options at the foot of the element.

Note that if a parent Category is selected child Categories will be displayed as a navigation.

Thumbnail Size

Select an appropriate size for the asset thumbnail to be displayed at.

Use Lightbox

Check if required.

Do Not Show All Assets By Default

If required, check to hide Assets until a search is undertaken or a specific child Category is selected.

Enable Bookmarking

If Portal is in use on the site, check to allow end users to bookmark assets.

Display Premium Assets

If required, check it include assets which have been made Premium.

Login Path for Premium Assets

If required, click Change to select an appropriate login page. Anonymous users will be redirected to this page if attempting to access premium assets.

Added in the last

If required, limit the list of Assets to those uploaded within a certain number of days.

Allow visitor to specify within asset search

If required, check to allow an end user to add a date range to a search.

By File Extension Collection

If required, limit the displayed Assets to those of a certain type.

Hide Expired Assets

Check if required.

Asset Browser default Order by column  ES7

Hide Scheduled Assets

Check if required.

Allow asset search (within selected category branch)

If required, check to add a Search function to the Asset Browser.


If enabled, select the scope of the Search

Ignore Asset Content When Searching

Check if required.

Allow visitor to choose

If required, check to allow the End User to elect to ignore asset content when searching.

Result Area Heading

Enter an appropriate heading for the Asset Browser.

Use Asset Basket

If required, check to link the Asset Browser to an Asset Basket.

Note: an Add option is added for each asset.

Show 'My Assets' Only

If required check to restrict the asset browser to Assets in Categories to which the user has explicit read permissions, excluding those with an 'Everyone' read permission.

Display Asset Summary

Check if required.

Limit Summary to

Enter an appropriate character limit for the Summary.

Display Owner Column

Check if required.

Display Review Date Column

Check if required.

Display Download Column

Check if required.

Asset Browser default from Order By ES7

Display 'Order By' Column

Check if required.

Must be in any/all/none of

Click Add Category to display a custom list of assets.