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The Asset element is used to display images and other multimedia content to website users.The Easysite integrated multimedia player used to display the specific content will differ based on the multimedia file type in use. 

Please see the Managing Multimedia Content Best Practice article for information relating to the different multimedia players used within Easysite.

Asset element

1. Drag and drop the Asset element onto the page or template:

Asset Element
Asset Element icon in Easysite 7

2. Configure the element. The following view will be presented:

Asset element configuration screenshot ES7

3. Edit/configure:

Select Asset

If required, an Asset may be pre-set on the Template. This could be used to add a clickable button (such as a logo) to all pages using a particular Template. Click Browse to select an appropriate asset from the Asset Manager. Alternatively, click Upload to a new asset into the Asset Manager.


From the dropdown list select to align the asset placeholder left, right or centre by default.

Restrict Allowed Display Sizes

Images on a template may be restricted to one of more Custom Sizes. Check to select the required Custom Sizes.

Track Asset Views

If the Analytics module is in use select the appropriate Tracking option.