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This element can be used to display a list of articles on an Easysite page. This list may created from an RSS Feed or manually configured. An example of a Page Lister used on the website is:

Administration guide lister example screenshot

Lister element

1. Drag and drop the page Lister element onto the page or template:

Page lister element icon v7

2. Configure the element. The following view will be presented:

lister element configuration screenshot v7

3. Edit/configure:


Select the appropriate option.

The following Source options are available:

  • Manual SelectionManual selection allows an author to manually create a list of pages to be displayed by the Lister element.
  • Child PagesChild pages allows the Lister to display pages which exist below the page the Lister has been added to.
  • FeedFeed allows the Lister element to be populated from an existing RSS Feed.
  • Live Category FilterLive Category Filter allows the System User to create a list of pages which exist in one or more categories.
  • Datastore RecordsDatastore Records allows the System User to generate a list of records from a selected Data Store.