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Datastore Records

Datastore Records

Datastore Records allows the System User to generate a list of records from a selected DataStore. Note that only DataStore records which exist on a page will be returned.

Lister element

Drag and drop the Lister Box element onto the page or template.

1. Configure the element and select the Datastore Records source type. The following view will be presented:

Lister - Datastore Records v7

2. Edit/Configure:

Include Restricted Results

By default the Lister will only present pages that the end user has permission to view. If required, check to allow restricted pages to appear in the Lister. Note: the user will be prompted to login when clicking on a restricted page.


Select the appropriate DataStore.

Title Field

Select a field from the DataStore the which will generate the name of the entry in the Lister

Sort Field

Choose a field in the DataStore which records will be ordered by in the Lister.

Sensitive to Search Query

If required, check to make the entries in the Lister searchable by the site search.

Display Tab

3. Click on the Display tab. The following view will be presented:

Lister display tab v7

4. Edit/Configure


Select to display the list of pages as either a vertical List or a Dropdown list.

Maximum Items

Enter an appropriate value.


By default the pages are listed as ordered above. If required, check to randomise the list. The list will be updated on each page refresh.


Enter an appropriate heading for the list of pages.


If required, enter appropriate Footer text.


Select appropriate Theme for the Lister.

Alternating Row Style

If created via the Theme, select an appropriate style.

Num. Columns

By default the Lister displays a single list of pages. if required, the Lister may be divided into a number of columns.

More Information Page

Select if required.

More Information Text

If required, add appropriate linking text for the More Information page.

Show Title

By default, the title of the page will be exposed as a link.

Show Images

If required, an image may be selected to illustrate the page in the Lister. Select an appropriate Custom Size for the image. If required, check to use the page Avatar as the image. Alternatively, leave blank to use the image nearest the top left hand corner of the page.

Show Author

Check if required

Show Summary

If required check to expose the page Summary as introductory text for the article. Note that a character limit may be applied.

Show Published Date

Check if required, and format the date appropriately. 

Display No Results Message

If required, check and enter an appropriate message.

Open Links in New Window

Check if required.



 5. Click on the Paging tab. The following view will be presented:

Lister Paging tab v7

Enable Paging

If required, check to paginate the list of pages and enter the number of articles to be displayed on each page.