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Most Popular Categories

Most Popular Categories

Most Popular Categories allows system users to display a list of pages in the most popular categories on the site, for example:

Moat popular categories example screenshot

Most Popular Categories

1. Drag and drop the Headline Box element onto the page or template:

Most Popular Categories v7

2. Configure the element. The following view will be presented:

Most Popular Categories configuration v7

3. Edit/configure:

Root Category

Select an appropriate parent category. The element will list pages which exist in categories below this nominated parent.

Items to Show

Select the appropriate number of items for the list to display.

Cache Duration

If required enter a number of minutes which the list will be cached for. Users navigating away from the page and navigating back will be presented with this cached view.

Filter Query String Key

If required enter a term to limit results to items containing this term.

Remeber Query String Value

Select if required .

Show Pages Hidden in Navigation

If required, check to include items which have been hidden in navigation in the list.

Title Text

Enter an appropriate title for the list of items.

Synopsis Text

Enter an appropriate description for the list of items. This is displayed below the title.

External Link Category

Select a category containing external links.

Open In New Window

Select if required.