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This element can be used to automate rolling headlines, displaying the title, summary information and images from a page. The end user may then click through to view the page. An example of a ProMotion element on a page is: 
ProMotion on a page v7

 ProMotion Page Element

1. Drag and Drop the ProMotion element to the appropriate place on the page or template:

ProMotion module user guide icon screenshot v7

2. Click Configure. The following view will be presented:

ProMotion Module element configuration screenshot v7

3. Edit/configure:


The Source determines where the list of articles displayed in the ProMotion element is derived from. Select the required Source:

  • Manual SelectionManual Selection allows the ProMotion element to display a custom list of pages, which is both created and ordered by the page author.
  • Child PagesChild Pages allows the ProMotion element to display a list of pages located below the ProMotion page.
  • FeedFeed allows the ProMotion element to display a list of pages derived from an Easysite Feed.
  • Live Category FilterProMotion Live Category source allows the ProMotion element to display a list of articles which exist on one or more selected categories.
  • DataStore RecordsDatastore Records allows the ProMotion element to display a list of records from a selected DataStore. Note that only DataStore records which exist on a page will be returned.


Display allows the System User to control aspects of the appearance of the ProMotion element, such as how many articles to display. Select the appropriate View:

  • Fader ViewThe ProMotion fader view creates a scrolling list of articles, which fade into each other.
  • Carousel ViewThe Carousel View allows the author to create a scrolling carousel of articles using the ProMotion element.
  • SliderThe ProMotion Slider view creates a rotating list of all pages.
  • SlideshowThe ProMotion Slideshow view creates a panel view showing a single page at a time. Users may scroll to see other articles.
  • TabbedThe Tabbed ProMotion view creates a tabbed view of the pages, which scroll automatically. Once a tab is selected the content of the tab displays in the main area of the element.
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