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Basic Search

Basic Search

The Basic Search view adds a simple keyword search to a page.

Search element

1. Drag and drop the Search element onto the page or template.

2. Configure the element and select the Basic Search View. The following view will be presented:

Search element configuration basic view screenshot v7

3. Edit/configure:

Search Type

Select the appropriate option. Note: inflectional includes dictionary recognised variants of a word, for example run and ran.

Search Mode

Select either the default search settings or set for the page:

OR with exact phrase

Would return any items containing 'Search', or ' 'term' or 'Search term'.


Would return any items containing 'Search' or 'term'.


Would return any items containing 'Search' and 'term'.

Exact Phrase

Would return any items containing 'Search term'

Order Column

By default, Search Results are displayed by rank (closest match to the search term first0. Alternatively, results may be listed alphabetically (by Title) or by date.

Order Direction

Select the appropriate option.

Search Scope

Select the appropriate option.

Show Advanced Search Link

If required check to expose a button allowing the end user to undertake an advanced search.

Note: If selected the following additional fields are presented:

Show 'Search within Results' link

If required, check to allow the end user to filter results by applying additional search criteria.

Show Results Full Screen

If the Search element is constrained within a column check to show results the full width of the page.

Keyword Search Label

If required enter an alternate label for the keyword search field.

Minimum Keyword Length

If required enter a minimum number of characters for a search term.

Keyword Length Error Message

Enter an appropriate error message to be displayed if the search term is shorter that the minimum keyword length.