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The User Gallery Display view controls the header tag generated by the element, as well as the implementation of reporting tools.

User Gallery 

1. Drag and drop the User Gallery element onto the page or template, and configure the element. 

2. Select the Display view. The following view will be presented:

User gallery element configuration display view v7
3. Edit/configure:


Select the appropriate Theme for the element.

Title Tag

Select the appropriate Header Tag for the title of the element.


If required, check to allow end users to report Assets for inappropriateness. Note that the reporting option is exposed when an individual Asset is selected in the Gallery. Users with Asset Administrator Privilege receive notification of reported Assets. A Report is also available detailing all reported Assets.

Album key

The Album Key is part of a querystring which is used to display a specific album, for example: www.yourdomain.com/about-us//?albumid=322. Default value exists for the album key (albumid), however an alternate key may be used if required.

Member key

The Album Key is part of a querystring which is used to display a specific asset. A default value exist for the Member Key (membered) If required an alternate key may be used.

Additional Query

If required, enter an additional term which will limit results of the Gallery to only items containing that term.