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Whilst the Album View displays sub categories as individual albums, the Gallery view displays assets in the selected 'Album'.

User Gallery element 

1. Drag and drop the User Gallery element onto the page or template. 

2. Configure the element and select Gallery. The following view will be presented:  

User Gallery element configuration gallery view v7
The following Gallery views may be configured:
  • Document ListThe User Gallery Document List view presents a collection of documents in a list format.
  • Image GalleryImages Gallery presents Assets as a gallery with a small border, but with no margin to create an 'edgeless' view. All thumbnails are cropped square to maintain a consistent layout.
  • SliderThe User Gallery Slider view displays Assets in an album via a horizontal slider.
  • ThumbnailThe User Gallery Thumbnail view presents thumbnails of assets within an album, with the thumbnail of the first asset in the album being used as the album cover.