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The User Gallery Upload function allows Public Users to create albums and upload images to the gallery.

User Gallery 

1. Drag and drop the User Gallery element onto the page or template, and configure the element. 

2. Select the Upload view. The following view will be presented:

User gallery element configuration upload view v7
3. Edit/configure:

Public User authoring

If required, check to allow Public Users to create albums and upload images.

Force Through Workflow

If required, an approval process may be implemented for new Assets. Note that Systems Users with Asset Administrator privileges will receive approval notification.

Asset deletion by owner

If required, check to allow the user who uploaded an Asset to also delete the Asset.

Caption length

Enter appropriate minimum and maximum caption lengths.

File Size (max kilobytes)

Enter an appropriate value.

Image Editing

If required, check to allow the user to edit an Asset using the Manipulate function.

Launch Image Editor on Upload

If required, check to automatically launch the Image Editor tool.

Enforce minimum dimensions

If required, select the appropriate Image Size option.