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Cache Container

Cache Container

The Cache Container element creates a container which can be used to vary the Caching of dynamic elements such as Page Lister elements. 

Cache Container element

1. Drag and drop the Cache Container element onto the page or template:

Cache Container element icon v7

2. Configure the element. The following view will be presented:

Cache Container element configuration screenshot v7

3. Edit/configure:

Enable Cache

Select to enable Caching for the elements contained within the Cache Container.

Duration (seconds)

Select the appropriate amount of time that the elements will be Cached for.

Vary By Param (or *)

One or more parameters may be used to vary the output cache. By default, these strings correspond to a query string value sent with GET method attributes, or a parameter sent using the POST method. When this attribute is set to multiple parameters, the output cache contains a different version of the requested document for each combination of specified parameters. Possible values include none, an asterisk (* - for all), and any valid query string or POST parameter name. Multiple parameters should be separated by semi-colons, for example: customerId;languageId. In this instance the content would be cached for each unique user, and each selected language.

Vary By User

If required, check to cache the content for each authenticated user viewing the page.

Vary By IP Address

If required, check to cache the content for each IP address visiting the page.

Vary By URL 

If required, check to cache different URLs of a page. This could be used if Locales have been implemented.

Vary By Site

If required, check to vary the cache by site.

Disable On Post Requests

If required, check to allow published changes to display immediately.

Vary By Custom

VaryByCustom allows the content to cache based on specific tags such as "SessionID" or "CookieUser".