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Panel (Legacy)

Panel (Legacy)

The Panel (Legacy)  element creates a styled panel. Elements must then be added to the panel to populate content. This is a legacy element, and it is recommend that the Panel element be used as alternative. 

Panel (Legacy) element

Drag and drop the Panel (Legacy) element onto the page or template:

Page panel element icon v7

1. Configure the element. The following view will be presented:

Panel (legacy) configuration screenshot

2. Edit/configure:


By default the Panel will expand to fill the available space. Alternatively, enter a percentage width the for the panel.

Minimum Height

If required enter a minimum height in pixels. This useful to ensure that panels render at the same height.


Enter an appropriate title for the panel.


If required enter a URL to make the Title a link.

External link

Check if appropriate.

Allow Dynamic Content

If required, check to allow Media Player links.

Container ID

Enter a unique identifier for the panel.

Panel Height

Enter an appropriate value.


Click Change to select an appropriate asset.