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The Login element adds a Login option to the page. For example:

Login example screenshot

Login element 

1. Drag and drop the Login element onto the page or template:

Login element icon v7

2. Configure the element. The following view will be presented:

Login element configuration screenshot

3. Edit/configure:   



Select Classic to display Login Options (as detailed below), or Lean to present a simple login element.

Show Login Options    

If required, check to add add radio buttons allow user to browse site (stay on pages) or manage site (go to Administration).   


Select the appropriate Style for the element.    


Enter an appropriate label for the login function.  


Select an appropriate header tag for the Heading.

Username Text Label

Enter an appropriate label for the username field.

Password Text Label

Enter an appropriate label for the password field.

Login Button text

By default login button states 'login'. If required enter alternative text for the button.

Logout Button text

By default logout button states 'log out'. If required enter alternative text for the button.

Login Failure Message

Enter a message to be presented if the username or password is not recognised.

Show teaser

If enabled, when a visitor clicks on a link to a restricted page the login gateway should appear along with ‘teaser’ content from the target page.

On successful login

Select the required option:

If User has a Personal Homepage, Go There

Check if required. Note that Personal Homepage must be associated with a User Account for this option to work.

Stay on Login Page

Check if required.

Return to previous page

Check if required.

Redirect to different page

Check if required. Note: if this option is selected click Choose to select the URL the user is to be redirected to.

Registration URL

If there is a requirement for a user to register for the site enter the Choose the URL of the registration page. A Register button linking to this URL will be added to the login function.

Login Fieldset Legend Text

Enter a label to be positioned at the top of the login element.

Show last logged in information 

Check if required.

Forgotten Credentials Label

Select whether to allow an user to reset their password, or username and password.

Forgotten Password or Username Url

Easysite creates a default page for users create a new username and/or password. If required, select an alternate page.