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Secured Container

Secured Container

The Secured Container allows System Users to restrict access to content within a page. Content is placed in one or more containers. Each container has its own security to expose to or hide from specified groups.

Secured Container element

1. Drag and drop the Secured Container element onto the page or template:

Secured container template element icon

2. Configure the element. The following view will be presented:

Secured container element configuration screenshot

3. Edit/configure:

Reveal to all Anonymous Visitors

If required check to hide the panel from logged in users.

Reveal to all Authenticated Users

If required check to hide the panel from anonymous users.


Select unassigned to view a lsit of specific users and groups. Check to select the required users and/or groups. Then select to allow or disallow access for the selected users or groups.

4. Click Save and then Finished.

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