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Installed Themes

Installed Themes

Installing and Configuring a new Easysite Theme.


To install a new Theme go to Administration -> Design -> Themes. The following view will be presented:

Installed themes screenshot

1. Themes accessible on the server will be listed under Available Themes.

2. Click to select the appropriate Theme. The following view will be presented:

Instal theme screenshot

3. Edit/configure:

Theme Alias

Enter an appropriate friendly name for the Theme. This alias will be displayed when a Theme is selected for a page.

Theme Description

If required, enter a short description of the Theme.

Low Graphics Theme

If appropriate, check to indicate that the Themes is low graphics version.

Inherit from

Select a Theme from which styling not explicitly contained in the current theme is inherited from. This is typically a master theme or the Easysite default.

Associate Low Graphics Theme

Select the Theme to be used if the end user selects the Low Graphics options on a page. Note that only Themes which have been checked as Low Graphics will be available for selection.

Associated Kiosk Theme

A Kiosk Theme may have been created for public Touchscreen devices in locations such as retail outlets or administrative facilities. If required, select the appropriate theme to be displayed if a page is viewed on a kiosk device.

Plugin Associated with Theme

If required, select the appropriate plugin.

4. Select Save and Install. if appropriate select Apply this theme to all pages within the current site.