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Within Easysite, Users are added to Groups. Privileges are allocated to each Group, defining the tasks which members of the Group may undertake whilst logged onto the installation. Permissions are then applied, controlling access to Pages and Assets.
  • UsersCreating new and managing User Accounts.
  • GroupsGroups are used to manage Users access to pages, assets and modules (via Permissions). In the case of System Users, Groups also control the Easysite functionality available to users (via Privileges).
  • MembershipThe Membership allows Administrators to create and manage a multi level membership system.
  • Authentication ProvidersEasysite may connect to a third party application in order to import users and groups.
  • Identity ProvidersAn Identity Provider is responsible for issuing identification information for all providers looking to interact / service with the system in any possible way. This is achieved by verifying a security token as an alternative to explicitly authenticating a user.