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Often used in conjunction with Membership, Permissions allow administrators to delegate the management of groups to other groups within the installation.

Delegated Groups

In order to manage Delegated Groups, the managing group must have one or more of the following privileges:

Group Membership - allows users to approve applicants to the delegated group(s), in addition to adding and removing members.

Group Manager - allows users to search and browse all groups, and approve or decline applicants in addition to adding and removing members as well as managing group privileges.

Group Administrator - allows complete control over groups including creating new groups.

Note: it may also be appropriate to grant the User Manager or User Manager (Public Users only) privilege.

Assigning Delegated Groups

1. Go to Administration -> People -> Groups.

2. Select the group to be managed, and select Permissions. The following view will be presented:

Groups permissions screenshot

3. Check to allow the appropriate groups to manage the selected group.

Note: view allows members of the group to view the delegated group

Note: update allows members of the group to manage the delegated group.

Viewing Delegated Groups

1. Go to Administration -> Users and Groups -> Groups.

2. Select an appropriate group and select controls. A list of groups which the currently selected group can  manage will be presented.

3. Select the required group in order to manage that group.