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Creating a Google API Key

Creating a Google API Key

In early 2017, Google made changes to the way their location services are displayed. As a result, the following modules require the creation of a Google API key: Events and Directories.

In order to generate a Google API key, a Google account must first be created. If required, go to  https://console.developers.google.com/will take you to a interface to create a new account.

Create a new project

Once logged into Google, select the project drop-down on the top-left of the screen. 

Google API select a project interface
Click on ‘Select a project’, and the the ‘+’ icon on the interface that pops up:  
Google API new project
1. Name the project to anything you want and ensure you agree with the ‘Terms of Service’ before continuing.

2. Ensure the project you’ve created has been selected in the ‘Select a project’ dropdown.

3. In order for the location services to work on Easysite, you’ll need the Google Maps Javascript API and Google Maps Geocoding API to be enabled. This is done by clicking on the ‘Library’ section > Google Maps Javascript API & Google Maps Geocoding API > Enable:  

Google API enable API

4. To create the API key click on ‘Credentials’ under the ‘Library’ tab.

5. Click on Create credentials > API key. This will generate an API key for you. Simply copy this key and paste it into Easysite.

In the Directory module the API key is added to the Location Selector element.

In the Events module, the API key is added to the Setup interface.

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Last updated:13 June 2017