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User Template Long Text Element

User Template Long Text Element

The Long Text element allows an Administrator to add a text area to the user account details. For example:

User template Long text element example screenshot

Long Text element

1. Drag and drop the Long Text element onto the template. The following view will be presented:

User template long text screenshot

2. Edit/configure:


Enter an appropriate label for the element.

Help Text

If required enter helper text, which provides information on how to populate the field.


If appropriate, check to make the element a mandatory field.

Include in Keyword Search

If required, check to make the element searchable.

Search Control

Select the Free Text option. This allows, if the record is to be displayed as part of the Membership module, the creation of a dedicated search field for the element.

Value Comparison Mode

Select how data in the field should be searched.

Display as

Select how the data in the field is to be presented when viewed by an end user.

Edit as

Select how the data in the field is to be presented when edited.

3. Click Save.