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Data Export

Data Export

Registration Form submissions may be exported, with the export including Forename, Surname and User Name data together with data collected via additional elements.

Note: to export full user data, including email addresses and groups membership go to Export.


To view responses to a Registration Form go to Administration -> People -> Users -> Registration Forms.

1. Click to select the appropriate Registration Form and click Options - > Export Data. The following view will be presented:

Registration forms export data screenshot

2. Edit/configure:

Export Format

Select an appropriate format for the data to be exported to.

Date From/To

If required, enter a data range for which submissions should be exported.

Optional search

If required, enter a term - for example Smith - and only submissions containing this term will be exported.

Optional Filter

If required select a letter and only submissions beginning with that letter will be exported.

2. Click Export, and then Download.