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Reports allow Administrators to view which users have accessed, viewed, edited, approved and updated content on the site. 

View reports

To view reports go to Administration -> Reports.

Note: group Privileges are required to view individual reports.

The following reports are available:

Reports mega menu screenshot
  • ActivityThe Activity Report tracks the activities of System and Public Users., detailing logging in and out as well as the creation and management of content.
  • Asset Download ReportThe Asset Usage Report allows Administrators to view assets downloaded by authenticated users.
  • AuthoringThe Authoring Report allows detailed reporting on the activities of selected Authors and on pages within the site.
  • CommentsThe Comments Report displays a list of pages containing comments, with the option to click through to view all the comments on that page.
  • RatingsThe Ratings Report allows an Administrator to view Ratings applied to pages by end users as either numerical or graphical information.
  • StatsThe Stats report displays information on the number of hits and unique visitors for pages
  • Search ReportViewing search terms and matching records.
  • WorkflowThe Workflow Report details Workflow processes, the number of pages the Workflow applies to and any pages awaiting moderation.