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The Stats report displays information on the number of hits and unique visitors for pages.

Note: Stats reports different information to that contained within Third Party Analytics software. Analytics software is typically a client side application, which reports on completed requests by human visitor. Stats details. all traffic to the site.

Site Statistics

To view site searches go to Administration -> Reports.

1.Click Stats. The following view will be presented:

Reports stats report screenshots v7

2. Select Show Detailed Data.The following view will be presented:

Reports stats show detailed data screenshot

Note: a Hit refers to HTML loading on page. As a result, a single page may generate a number of hits depending on the content of that page.

Note: Number of Unique Pages Viewed includes edits to a page. Therefore a page which has been viewed, and then republished with new content and viewed again would count as two unique pages.

3. If required, click Show Category Filter to truncate the list of pages by category. Alternatively, select a page to view an hourly breakdown of visits.

Show Least Popular Pages

To view a list of least popular pages click Show Least Popular Pages.


To export Stats data click Export. The following view will presented:

Reports stats export screenshot

1. Edit/configure:


Enter appropriate values click Export.